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Ishew is the 1st Heworth Scout Group magazine. It has run periodically since 1973. Over the next few months we hope to scan the old copies and add them here. Hopefully to jog some memories.

Click on an issue below. Ishew will be displayed in a new tab. You need to close the tab before returning to this page to view some more. It must be noted that some issues display names and addresses. These date back to the 1970's the people will have moved on long ago. Please do not attempt to contact any of the address's without prior arrangement with1st Heworth Scout Group.

The first Ishew was published in late 1972, the first editor being the then GSL (Group Scout Leader). Dick Hunter (Skip).

Ishew No1: September 1972

November 1972

February 1973

March 1973

May 1973

July 1973

September 1973

November 1973

Christmas 1973

February 1974

April 1974

At this point there was a gap of sixteen years before Ishew was revived in 1988 by the Oaks CSL (Cub Scout Leader). Paul Waites (Shaky).

Spring 1988

Autumn 1988

Spring 1989

February 1990 An Oaks only edition this one as Paul had not received any articles from the other sections

June 1990

Hopefully I will find the time to copy all the old issues of Ishew. Does any of the content jog any memories? If so please contact us we would like to hear from you.

(These copies of Ishew are published via the online publisher Issuu:Issuu)